The $100M venture round is going extinct

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Startups looking to raise nine figures in the future round would do well to curb their ambitions; venture $100 million or more going extinct Funding activities are completed expeditiously.

A few years ago, financing events in the nine-figure venture range were common. So much so that in my Crunchbase News days we started calling them “megawheels” to avoid having to spell their size. Hell, we actually regularly report rounds worth hundreds of millions of dollars or more until the sheer volume makes it impractical. Good time.

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Now, more than a year after the peak of the boom in 2021venture, those days are clearly behind us. While the $100Mround bubble is taking a lot longer than I expected, if this trend continues, nine-figureventure funding events will once again become rare enough for us to attention.

The $100 million round ) Notorious is Legend of Icaria. PitchBook data gathered by GamingBuz this morning tells a simple story: From a steady base of roughly 75 such funding events per quarter through most of 2019 and 2020, venture investors are in the nine-figure range The rate at which funding is raised has skyrocketed among startups that soared in 2021, only to dip back to previous levels around the same time they peaked.

The Datais Strong: From 75 financing events in 4Q19, 426 financings were reached or exceeded in 1Q2021, the pace of 9-digit venture deals has slowed down 57 transactions to date in Q1 2023.

Sure, we’ll see current quarterly stats go up in the coming weeks, but for sure going Q1 will end lower than the 157 we saw in Q4 2022.

Here is the large chart – round 2019 YTD volume:

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